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Photo Ready Checklist

Seller’s Photo Ready Checklist

Ready to list your home? Be prepared!

Follow our guide below to the best photo-ready checklist that will help your photographer capture the BEST photos for your home’s listing!

Remember, your home should be in the same condition as if you were readying it for an open house. The goal is to show your properties best features so potential buyers can envision themselves making it their new home.

Prep Work

  • Verify all lightbulbs work and are the same kind within each room
  • Put away all personal items like family photos
  • Put away all dishes and laundry
  • Take out all trash
  • Pick up and put away all kids’ toys
  • Pick up pet bowls, beds, toys, etc.
  • Remove small rugs so the floors can shine through in the photos
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Mow the yard.
  • Sweep outside walkways, patios, decks, porches, and the driveway
  • De-clutter all rooms (even the magnets on the fridge and sticky note reminders)

15 Minutes Before the Photoshoot

  • Turn on all lights
  • Turn off all ceiling fans, TVs, and computer screens
  • Open all window blinds and curtains

Buyers Understand You’re Packing Up to Move

If you’re looking for a place to store your items, the garage is a great option since they aren’t necessary for listing photos and usually have a lot of storage space for all of your items.

For smaller items like your toothbrush, skincare, shaving accessories, etc., you can use cabinets and drawers to store them as those areas will not be photographed.